Where are your friends?

     Ok ladies I am very confused as to what I see going on out there. I see many women walking around town in inappropriate clothing and I think to myself: “where are their friends?!?” Or maybe she doesn’t own a mirror? If there’s anything I’ve learned in over 20 years of retail, it’s that YOU, the consumer, need to learn a few key things about fashion before you buy.
1. Know your body type. Learn what works for you. I have big hips. I know this about myself. Sometimes separates are better than a shift dress on me. Pairing a cute, flowy top with a solid bottom works too. 

2. Know your age. I know we are all fighting it. We all want to remain a hot, hip 25 year old but that doesn’t mean we should dress like one! You can still be “hip” without letting your a** hang out of your shorts. Again, where are your friends? I don’t want to hear: “But she’s my friend and I don’t want to hurt her feelings!” At this point you can’t be her friend if you don’t tell her she looks like a hot mess! 

3. Learn what works for you. My philosophy is that you may love something but that doesn’t mean it loves you back. If you are short, most maxi dresses will swallow you up. I don’t care how much you love it. It looks like a potato sack. Put it back on the rack please!!

4. Know your limits. If you have a history of making cringe-worthy fashion choices, find a fashion sponsor. A friend, relative, anyone who will tell you the God’s honest truth about how you look. And if you can’t find one, come see me and I will gladly help you. 

For the people that know me personally, they know that I am very honest. At times I may even come across as rude but the bottom line is: I am trying to help you. I do it out of love. I would never want a client or a friend walking around looking like a hot mess. Consider me your fashion interventionist. 


Just have a break up or lose your job? Let’s not be hasty if you’re having an itch for wild and crazy color. Buyer Beware….

Recently I’ve noticed an influx of clients requesting crazy colors, by crazy I mean unflattering to most and definitely not appropriate for anyone that isn’t 18-22 years old.

These looks are so out of the box it takes an extreme toll on the hair pre lightening or lightening to the point of your hair texture looking and feeling like hay or spaghetti completely losing all elasticity and destroying the integrity of the hair.                                                        

   This also requires a heavy mainteance as far as pricey conditioning treatments and bi monthly visits to the salon to keep your color bright.

Not to mention what will you be wearing with this new hair color? Definitely nothing bright or distracting! You run the risk of looking like someone’s crazy Nana in Lily Pulitzer, be prepared to wear a lot of neutrals and solids.      

If your pockets are deep enough and you are young enough to carry off these looks beware of the looming cost to your hair and your wallet.