Hello! I am Heather a self employed Boutique Salon Owner. As early as I can remember I have always wanted to cut hair. It all started when I was little and I would wait for my Grandfather to fall asleep and then I would cut his hair and hide the evidence in the plant near the window.  Somehow this gave me great satisfaction!!!

I Began as an art student in Upstate New York. I then quickly realized this would not be a career  path that could support my high maintenance  lifestyle which includes Sunday brunches, Designer Clothes and of course Botox!  So I decided to go to Hair School which was one of the best decsions I have ever made.

Today, I  have an amazing following of clients who come to me for my opinions, creative mind and artistic talents. Some people might not think hair is that important but, it is defiantly a reflection of your personality and who you are on the inside. I hope you enjoy the Blog!

Heather xx



One thought on “Heather

  1. Ha ha that is so funny! I used to cut my little brother’s hair and hide behind the familyroom couch. It never occurred to me to make a career out of it. I just got in trouble. 😁 The blog looks awesome.


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