So here it goes….another girl who lives and dies for fashion doing a blog!!!!!As if there isn’t enough fashion blogs already I decide now would be a great time to start a new one. So let me just set the tone so all of you know this blog is so not your typical one, but mainly because I am not your typical fashionista.

My name is Jennifer and I have loved fashion my whole life.  I can remember back to my younger years where I would go as far as putting a padlock on my bedroom door just so my sisters wouldn’t go near my clothes. As you can imagine, this led me into an extremely successful fashion career working with Ralph Lauren in New York City and Boston. Then later working for Lilly Pulitzer in Palm Beach. I have helped warbrobe thousands of people around the Country and have loved every minute of it. I now own my own store In Palm Beach Gardens, Florida called Ceci.  My clients love me not only for my excellent sense of style, but my (at times) brutal honesty.  I am not the stylist who tells you want you want to hear, but who tells you how it is. I truly believe that being honest with my customers is what has led to  the tremendous success I have had throughout my career.

I also happen to be a compulsive shopper, so that brings another fun element into the blog. I can’t wait to share with you all the “ the what and what not to wear”. I also will  be posting the great deals and steals that are going on as I am out on my shopping sprees.  Having been in this industry so long it always shocks me when I see people who pairing clothes together that really they shouldn’t be, so I will be giving great tips on what looks you can blend.

The fun is just beginning, so stay tuned for all my fun posts!!!!